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We not only provide all aspects of general dentistry to an excellent standard,
but we have a number of Specialists and Experts.

Do You Need A Tooth Removed?

Of course, our priority as dentists is to try to ensure that you hold on to all of your natural teeth. Although it may become necessary to remove a tooth to prevent future pain and discomfort.

Our clinicians have undergone extensive post-graduate training and are comfortable removing challenging teeth that perhaps your own dentist may not be able to. Whether it is a broken tooth, wisdom teeth, baby teeth or teeth requiring removal for orthodontic reasons, our team will look after you and ensure that you are comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

Dental Extractions in Crediton, Exeter

People Matter

Our Team at Wistaria Dental are dedicated to providing the best dental care in Exeter. Find out what our patients say and meet the team that make us great.

What's the cost of Tooth Removal?

Treatment prices are given as a guide and may vary depending on complexity of the treatment as well as number of teeth being treated.
Tooth Extraction
From £165
From £165
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