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Teeth whitening is the most effective and safe way to improve the confidence and look of your smile. Over time, our teeth naturally become discoloured through the natural process of staining. Tea, coffee, red wine and smoking tend to be common factors that lead to discoloured teeth over time.

Teeth Whitening In Exeter

A bright and healthy looking smile can go an extremely long way to boosting the confidence in your smile. Whether you have a special occasion looming, or maybe you feel it’s time to remove some of those stains that have slowly built up and darkened your teeth; we are here to help you regain that naturally bright and healthy smile.

The best part of the tooth whitening process is that once you have completed the initial steps, maintaining your bright and healthy smile is very easy. With the help of a great oral hygiene routine, regular visits to our hygiene team, and occasionally one or two days of top-up treatment (that can be done at home), we can prevent staining from taking place and hold on to that bright confidence inspiring smile!

Before and After teeth whitening

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What's the cost of Teeth Whitening?

Treatment prices are given as a guide and may vary depending on complexity of the treatment as well as number of teeth being treated.
Boutique Home Whitening
From £385
From £385
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Whitening Gel application