Crowns & Veneers

Effective restoration for damaged teeth with bespoke high strength ceramic crowns and veneers that match your natural teeth.

Why choose Dental Crowns in Exeter?

Once A Tooth Has Become Severely Damaged A Dental Crown
Is Often The Most Effective Treatment Option.

Dental Crowns

Commonly known as a ‘cap’, a dental crown is fabricated outside of the mouth by one of our master dental technicians and fits over the entire surface of the tooth. This acts to strengthen the tooth, especially when they have been significantly weakened following root canal treatment.

Our master technicians use super high-strength tooth-coloured ceramic materials that look, act and feel like natural teeth. Veneers are similar to crowns, however, they are generally used only on front teeth. Made of the same high-strength ceramic material also handcrafted by our master technicians, veneers are usually used to modify the shape and colour of damaged, worn or fractured front teeth.

Dental Crowns in Crediton, Exeter

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What's the cost of Crowns & Veneers?

Treatment prices are given as a guide and may vary depending on complexity of the treatment as well as number of teeth being treated.
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Natural looking Veneers to match your teeth